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Study Clubs

Fostering interdisciplinary relationships for better treatment planning, patient care and practice growth.


Why Spear Study Club

  • Peer-to peer interaction
  • Gain confidence in complex cases
  • Provide improved treatment planning for patients
  • 24/7 access to Spear learning and practice tools


Member Privileges

As a member of a spear study club, you will have special access to knowledge, materials, incentives and news unavailable to non-members.


An Ecosystem of Learning

The Spear Curriculum

Is an integrated system of learning, optimized to improve knowledge, implementation, practice productivity and the patient’s experience.


How does it work?

Collegial Interaction

Spend valuable time with 8 to 12 like-minded doctors committed to lifelong clinical learning who meet at least 8 times per year.


Customized, Small Group Learning

Learn at the group’s pace through Spear’s extensive resource of Study Club learning modules.


Peer led, Spear Engineered

We sweat the details so you can focus on learning. Spear provides everything including faculty guidance, administrative support a dedicated micro site for club management.


We are currently conducting our 2014 Study club. Should you (Our referring partner dentist/specialist) be interested in attending, please email Leslie@drgjong.com for more details on how to join. Its never to late to Study!