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In general, you should take note of any changes occurring in the skin of the gums, the skin on the inside of the cheek, the tongue, or the floor or roof of the mouth, or any swelling in the bony areas of the mouth or face. If you, your general dentist or Dr. Jong notes any irregular skin patches or growths of any kind, a biopsy will be done to diagnose the condition. While the large majority of such growths are benign (not cancerous), it is very important to determine this for sure with a laboratory test. Furthermore, many benign growths may require treatment, removal or monitoring as well.


To perform a biopsy, Dr. Jong will surgically remove a small piece of tissue from the area in question. This sample will be sent to the lab, where it will be examined under a microscope and analyzed according to the kinds of cells it contains. Dr. Jong will inform you when the results of the biopsy are ready, and will then speak with you about what kind of treatment, of any, is necessary.